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[FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions]

Q.How long will it take for the product to arrive?

A.The following is a guideline for delivery.

Normal product: About 5-10 business days from the order date

Preorder items: 15-20 business days from the order date

Please check here for more details.

*Based on business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

*Estimated delivery date may change due to production circumstances.

*For US shipments, it will take an additional 3-5 business days to the above.

Q.How much is the shipping fee and customs duty?

A.Regardless of the country or region, shipping and customs duties are completely covered by our store and are therefore free of charge.

Q.What payment methods are available?

A. You can use the following payment methods.

◎Worldwide compatible payments

・Various credit cards [VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX]


・Apple Pay


◎Payment only available in Japan

・PAYPAY / LINEPay / Merpay /auPAY / Rakuten Pay

・Paidy [pay later]

・Bank transfer [prepayment]

・Convenience store payment [prepayment]

*A prescribed fee may be charged depending on the payment method.

*For bank transfer/convenience store payments, we will begin preparing the product after payment is completed. Please note that even if your order is completed, the item may be sold out by the time your payment is completed.

*Bank transfer/convenience store payment will be automatically canceled if payment is not made within 3 days after order completion .

Q. I did not receive an order completion email.

If your order has been successfully completed, an "Order Completion Email (automatically sent)" will be sent to the email address you used when placing your order.

*If you do not receive an order completion email, please contact us before placing your order again.

Q.I would like to change the address/email address when ordering.

A. It is possible to change your email address. If you would like to do so, please fill out the following three items and contact us .

・Name when ordering

・Address before change

・Address you wish to change

A. You can only change the shipping address before the product is shipped . If you would like to do so, please fill out the following three items and contact us .

・Name when ordering

・Old address

・Address you wish to change

Q.Can I cancel my order?

A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept cancellations due to customer circumstances after the order has been completed for both regular products and pre-order products.

Please be sure to double check before placing your order.

*Please check the refund policy for details.

Q.Can I change the color and size after ordering?

A. After completing your order, we will immediately begin preparing the product. Therefore, in order to prevent any trouble , changes (color/size) cannot be accepted in principle.

Please be sure to double check before placing your order.

Q.I received a defective product. What should I do?

A. In the unlikely event that the product you receive is defective or incorrectly delivered, please read the defective product policy and contact HYPHEN customer support within 7 days of receiving the product.

*We will accept exchanges for non-defective products (same product).

*Refunds are not accepted.

*Please click here for details on how to handle defective products.

Q. The size doesn't fit. Can I return or exchange the product?

A. We apologize, but to prevent any trouble, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for items other than defective items.

Q.I would like to contact you.

A. Please contact us using this inquiry form.

Reception: Reply within 24 hours [Open all year round]

*If there is no reply, it may be that the message was not received properly. We would appreciate it if you could send it again, check your reception permission settings, or contact us again using a different address if you are in a hurry.

*Please note that we cannot respond over the phone.

Q.About requesting a receipt

A. We do not issue receipts.

Issuing a receipt when making a purchase at an online shop constitutes "double issuance," and both the purchaser and the seller may be charged with "forgery of a sealed private document ." Therefore, please use the statement issued by each payment method as a receipt.

・Credit card or code payment >> Usage statement

・Convenience store or Paidy (post-payment)>> Receipt received at the store

・Bank transfer >> Transfer statement